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country folk crafty classes

On enquiry, we offer beginner workshops in both knitting and crochet. With a maximum class of six, we can ensure you have one-on-one attention to learn all the skills needed to begin your journey into knitting or crochet! Each lesson has a 2 hour duration. All registered workshop participants will receive a 10% discount on all purchases on the day of workshop attendance.


On request, we can also offer private individual, one-on-one, lessons with Annie to go through any issues you're having with a project or just to learn some new skills. If you don't have a project in mind, we have some suggested project based intermediate and advanced private lessons.


Workshops can be arranged in-store or at a venue that suits. You can also make a Crafty Weekend of it and enjoy the magnificent High Country. Local food and wine, fantastic coffee shops and restaurants, stunning scenery and many accommodation options are on offer. For stay options visit: wotif mansfield


Current classes include: 

This workshop is for the absolute beginner who has had very little or no experience with knitting. This class is also a great refresher class if you haven't knitted for a number of years. In the beginner knitting workshop you will learn the basic necessary skills needed to begin your journey into the world of knitting. You will learn to cast on and cast off, complete the knit stitch, joining the end of a ball to next ball, which is also used for changing colours.

Materials are included in the price to begin making one scarf: two balls of 14ply yarn and 7.5mm knitting needles. Other colour choices in the yarn are available.  

Beginner Knitting - Scarf POA 
Absolute Beginner - Crochet POA

Learn to crochet! No previous crochet experience is necessary, we'll cover all the basics: chain, double crochet, treble, double treble as well as how to turn your work to begin a new row! Crochet is hugely popular a the moment. Don't miss out on becoming part of this wonderful craft! All materials are included in the price.  

Light refreshments and/or lunch can be provided at an extra cost



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